Nurture your child's creativity and culinary skills with our baking kits for kids. Watch them learn and grow as they create delicious treats from scratch, with ingredients you can actually pronounce.

  • "Our friend gifted us the baking kit from Dough Baby. We made them tonight and the cookies are delicious!!! It was the perfect way to bake when my brain already feels shot from kids saying "mom!!" all day long. Not having to measure anything or get a bunch of ingredients out was chef's kiss."

    - Becca G.

  • "We're whipping up some super fun recipes from our Dough Baby monthly box. All we had to supply was the eggs, butter and milk. The mixer mixing the ingredients made him chuckle and he was obsessed with trying to stop the attachment to get a taste of the batter. This box was such a fun way to teach Parker new skills."

    - Chandler P. 

  • "I have ordered several Dough Baby boxes, and we have enjoyed every recipe! The kids love that they can be involved to make something delicious, and I love that it's so easy. I don't have to worry about gathering up all the ingredients. We just open the box and get started. We have loved tasting everything we've made. One of our favorites was the hot chocolate cookie recipe. So yummy!!" 

    - Erin I. 

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