Hi friends!


We're two sisters, Rema and Rana, who share a love for baking. Growing up, we baked for every holiday, and it was those memories that we really wanted to share with our own children. So, fast forward to 2020, in a world shut down and ingredients not as accessible, we had to use what was available. Thus, Dough Baby came to be!

When we were stocking up on essentials, we realized we could make so much more with the simple ingredients we had in our pantry. All that time at home gave us the opportunity to test and perfect new recipes. With so many friends at home as well, we started sharing our creations to brighten their days. Since then, Dough Baby has evolved into a monthly baking kit. All ingredients are included, except three of the most common household grocery items - milk, butter or eggs. We hope this will take the stress out of baking, and put the fun back in to creating those lasting memories in the kitchen.

All that to say, we've baked up some effortless and kid friendly goodies to share. Don't forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook! @DoughBabyBakingCo